Stifflex started in 1997 and Giuliano Mazzuoli's idea takes inspiration from binding system used in an old book (from around the 1700s) that was shown to him in an old florentine library. The precious volume, composed of multiple pages, had a sturdy cover able to hold its contents over time and it also needed to be easily consultable: so a hardcover that was at the same time flexible was made. Giuliano Mazzuoli is inspired by this ancient, but also modern technique and calls it Stifflex for its "stiff and flexible" nature. By using it you can appreciate its functionality, the quality of the raw materials used, and its extraordinary resistance to use.

Stifflex lets you to make a product designed around you. Our experience with large brands allows us to express our potential on Stifflex personalization in a "tailor made" way that is most appropriate in every project.

Stiff but Flexible
Piegatura brevettata Stifflexible

Stifflex is inspired by an ancient binding system used in an old book shown to Giuliano Mazzuoli in an old florentine library, where the hardcover was at the same time flexible allowing for an easy consultation. This is in fact where the name Stifflex comes from, that is "stiff but flexible."

Internal Pocket
Tasca interna agenda per documenti

The idea to make a hardcover that works like a soft cover allows for an original product in a contemporary "key" with an attention to tradition. The inside is a pocket in black paperboard where small documents can be inserted.

Tasca interna linguetta segnalibro

The pocket is finished with a flap that can be used as a bookmark.This is another distinguishing factor of Stifflex.

Stifflex Details

Make everything custom and allow yourself to be transported by your fantasy. Our creative team is at your disposal to create your promotional "OUT-FIT." It's a space open to the freedom of invention where every single element can be personalized and modified by an infinite number of ideas just like a "tailored suit."

Technical Details

- Hardbound Stifflex Cover (Stiff & Flexible) with rounded angles
- Elastic closure (available in various colors)
- Internal pocket in black paperboard with bookmark flap.
- 85 g. natural white or ivory paper of pure cellulose without chlorine
- Black paperboard flyleaf


- Customizable with a 4-color printing process and PANTONE printing.
- Anti-scratch plastic coated/Pearly/Canvased
- UV enhancement
- Hot foil stamping enhancement
- Silk screen enhancement

Internal Pages

- 144 Pages
- 192 Pages
- 240 Pages
- 384 Pages


- 9 x 14 cm
- 13 x 21 cm
- 15 x 19 cm
- 15 x 21 cm
- 16 x 22.5 cm
- 19 x 26 cm
- 21 x 29.7 cm


data agenda


pagine a righe


pagine bianche


pagine a quadretti


pagine millimetrate


agenda su misura


Customization Options



Template - 9 x 14 cm
Template - 13 x 21 cm
Template - 15 x 19 cm
Template - 15 x 21 cm
Template - 16 x 22.5 cm
Template - 19 x 26 cm
Template - 21 x 29.7 cm

Formats supported by ADOBE INDESIGN

TG LA7 copertina agenda


- Flyleaf in black paperboard
risguardie agende in cartoncino nero

Internal Pocket

- Internal pocket in black paperboard with bookmark flap
tasca interna agenda con linguetta segnalibro


- Elastic closure (available in various colors)
chiusura ad elastico in vari colori


- Box in white paperboard, opaque plastic-coated
astuccio agenda in cartoncino bianco